Zixin Wang 王梓昕

3rd-year Master Student at Zhejiang University (ZJU)

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About Me

I am a Master student in the Department of Pyschology and Behavioral Sciences at Zhejiang University. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Southwest University, China.

Previously, I was a research assitant at Virginia Tech, advised by Dr. Yaxing Yao, University of British Columba and Southwest University, advised by Dr. Qinghua He. I am also fortunate to have worked alongside distinguished professors such as Danny Yuxing Huang, New York University and Haojian Jin, UC San Diego.

I am interested in usable security and privacy, and HCI. I use quantitative (e.g., survey) and qualitative (e.g., interview, content analysis) methods in my research.


Usable Privacy and Security


Conference reviewer: CHI Late-breaking Work 2023, 2024, CSCW 2024, IMX 2024

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